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'Miracle' saves cricketer's wife

The following article was published BY PHIL MCLEOD in the Journal on 2/02/2009 concerning the drowning of Ruwan's wife June in early January.  

'Miracle' saves cricketer's wife

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June was brought to the Alfred hospital, and had been in a coma for ten days; there was no air in her lungs, and was being kept alive by equipment.  Her husband Ruwan said, "The doctor at The Alfred hospital told me she had not even a 5 per cent chance of living, and didn't think she would survive." 

Word of her condition had been passed onto me via a pastor in Sri Lanka, whose church was praying along with family members for a God to do a miracle.  I went in on the 16th January, and prayed for her, along with her husband for a miracle - in particular that her lungs would begin to be filled with air, and that significant improvement would be seen each day.  

In the week that followed, her lungs started to fill with air, and the machine oxygenating her blood was no longer needed.  The following week, she regained consciousness, and started to move her legs and arms.  But finally in the last week, it has been confirmed that there is no permanent brain damage, and she is able to talk and communicate normally.  

June told me yesterday, that she saw a vision of her mother praying for her whilst she was in the coma.  Having now come out of ICU, she was greeted with the news that she would be able to come home from hospital later that day.  June broke down we tears of joy and thanksgiving to God for the wonderful miracle that had taken place in her life.

The article in the Journal newspaper

BUCKLEY Ridges cricketer Ruwan 'Ruwie' Jayadeva says he's witnessed a "miracle" after his wife June was dragged unconscious and near death onto a beach last month.  Doctors told Jayadeva to prepare for the worst after the couple got into difficulty at their local beach in Bonbeach.

"The doctor at The Alfred hospital told me she had not even a 5 per cent chance of living, and didn't think she would survive," Jayadeva said. "But I can't believe what the doctors can do these days. After a couple of days she started showing signs of improvement.  "The doctor told me that in my wife's case, miracles still do happen. She's getting better and better. She's back in my life and we can have a normal life.  "The doctors say they are confident that she is going to make a full recovery.

"I've seen a miracle happen before my eyes." ... "

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  1. What can one say? Except praise God, I’ve become a little cynical of late in terms of so called miracles, but this can't be described in any other terms. The only appropriate response is to say ‘thank you Lord’ and that God is good.