Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mentoring Program for Senior Pastors

A big well done to the team at Casey Life in hosting the ACC-VIC Mentoring Program for 2013! Ten Senior Pastor couples from around the state have been with us for a weekend of encouragement and impartation.
Here's a a quote from one of the pastors: "I just wanted to say thank you again for this weekend.

We were really overwhelmed by the amazing efforts of your team that made us feel so welcomed, honoured and appreciated. The effort that was put in to host us and make us all welcome was beyond what we anticipated and was very touching.

We were so encouraged and uplifted to hear of the dedication of so many people upholding us in prayer, and seeking prophetic words for us that were exactly spot on for what God is speaking into our lives. Knowing that people believe in us, are thinking of us and supporting us is such a precious thing.

Please pass on our sincere and heartfelt appreciation to your leaders, lifegroups, volunteers and entire church, for giving so much time & effort so that we could be blessed and released into more effective ministry for the Kingdom."

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